I Am

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  1. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    What is interesting about the above post, besides the miss spelled words. Is that it is one of the first things I wrote through `Automatic Writings`. One day I asked myself,
    Who am I? And thoughts came by quickly as I wrote even with Estuary as the base for not being a part of the sea, Estrurilation and encephalography for encephalation basically translated as living within the mind.

    It appears my Soul was not happy coming here.

  2. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    On a further note, we as a society like to reflect on the term I AM, probably based on the popular phrase ” I think therefore I am” the sad part is, it would be more correct to
    to say ” We are”. For you are never alone till you become I Am. One in union with the Self.

  3. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    My world has changed, longing for the need of acceptance throughout my life becomes a torn in my side. I stood alone and confident in what ever it mattered. Casting a doubt along side any physical endeavor, accepting freedom from persecution.
    Now placed in silence without antidote, forbidden to scream escapade’s of all there is forlorn to emanate what there is to reconcile belonging to the movement without voice shall it not be victim to the masses of elaboration, I Am here with vocal voice and as dark as the night cannot be heard or seen. gesu

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