Lately I spend a lot of time in what I call my front office. On a lounge chair drinking Tequila or a cold  beer or warm it does not matter anymore. Watching the waves as they dance against the beach with the water mingling  with the sand.

I have quite bit of work keeping up with the harsh environment, the salt air and spray makes a short life of everything here.

I  do have time to relax and it allows me to think back of my beginnings days on the Path of the Clear Light with the Caribe waves dancing back and forth bringing memories back into focus. Mindfulness was one of the lessons that instilled distress within my mind for a few  weeks.

Instead of Mindfulness I rather use Emptiness or Nothingness which I would prefer. It all deals with clearing the Mind from thought, a relax mind no thoughts. But, what is the purpose  of a silent mind?

If you are not in touch with your own Inner Nature or Soul it does not matter.

Except, if are or you want to be in touch with your Inner Self it allows you to be more attentive to its cries and helpful suggestions through actual words and feelings. Making Awareness of your actual Self a little easier.






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  1. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    I was thrown on the Path of the Clear Light without choice or acceptance, I was there and there was nothing I could do about it. If I tried to sleep I was prodded with as if it were a cattle prod waking me up every time I dozed off. Twenty thousand volts jolting me into consciousness. It is probably why I get defiant with modern day soothsayers who preach how great and blissful the path to Enlightenment is.

    Mindfulness was one of the lessons I learned, even though it took me years to understand the concept. The lesson was every time you had a thought, you were to acknowledge it and as the days go by the Mind becomes silent.

    Acknowledgement is very important in all aspects of the travels of the mind, Acknowledgement allows you to become Aware.

  2. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    What is interesting about Mindfulness and lack of thought is I believe it is the doorway to lowering the Veils of Ignorance and entering the world of the Formless.
    It seems like a scary thought even though I have in the past met a Spirits playing around in the darkness of the rooms on occasion, except it is scary.
    It also opens the world of darkness allowing Consciousness to visit and remind you of who you truly are. For Darkness is the Light

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