We accept reality for what it is, what we see, what we do, what we feel, and what we touch. It is real if it is plant a human, an insect or any object that  we see and feel, for it is all real.

As I mentioned in another post we are participating in a huge Game of life. This is not a theory I had conjecture up because of some mental lapse of consciousness. I had heard it a meditative state, my oldest son received the same message in his meetings of the mind, and if you had a chance to visit the Elias Forum on the web, a channeled spirit who is available on occasions to help society over the present day shift in Consciousness, says the same thing “It is all a Game“

In a way as Shakespere wrote The World is a Stage and we are all Actors playing a Role, not an exact quote, but close enough.

Imagine you are in a movie role, the camera is running and your role is to be yourself. The scene begins with you as a infant and slowly progresses to a adult getting out of bed, having breakfast, getting dressed, going to work leaving work, going home, relaxing, watching TV, going to sleep and waking up again .

The movie takes over possibly 80 years to complete, a whole life time. The crazy part is the movie and all the scenes were shot before you were born, oh do not worry there were some rewrites, you can change somethings. They are call probabilities, you have choices, it is called a free will.

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  1. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    What is interesting about what I am saying is, that you really do not grow old, or does anything else. You see yourself in a different frame of the film, your are only a picture that was created before you were born. Something like those old days before Films were even created, where you had hundreds of single pictures stack up and flip in sequence to give the impression of movement.

    What is interesting about the whole concept is how crazy it may sound there are some Physicist out in the scientific community thinking the same way, and are testing their theory that the Universe is a 3 D Hologram.

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