The Meaning of Life

Here is a frightening thought, it is only a Game. Do not put importance on it.

Yes, you are in a giant Amusement Park with all kinds of various rides and fun houses.

You were born into this world to experience a physical reality.

Basically, you are God in the practical sense or other terms used such as The All Creating One, or Consciousness.

It is like the parable the Prodigal Son, you leave home to experience the world and eventually come back to where you belong.

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  1. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    The problems is we forgot who we are. So the Game starts, all we have to do is remember who we are, sounds like a simple game and since it has only one rule it can not be to hard.
    To start it is best to forget everything you know, like in Buddhism , “Forget everything you know and become like a new born babe”. There is a another little thing, there is no GOOD or BAD duplicity of the mind is a no no.
    Oh, there is one other little thing, you have to love yourself, and appreciate yourself.
    But the primary ingredient of remembering who you are is Loving and Appreciating your own Inner Nature your Soul, this is where Divine Arrogance come into effect.

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