Religions ?

The older I get the colder I become towards Religions.  Even though I had 12 years of Catholic education, and after been married, I served 22 or more years of being on the committee of our neighborhood church. Including running the Bingo games for close to 10 years. You can not be more Catholic than that.

In my present state of mind I feel that there is no religion offering a valid way to find Spiritual freedom. Whether it is Western thought or Eastern Philosophy.

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  1. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    Religions preach a lot of mythical bliss whether they are the Prosperity Churches or the Hell and Damnation Pulpits. They are all based on the Bible which becomes more controversial everyday. The sad part they are businesses, dealing with profit and loss, and I never met a Priest or Nun who was not afraid to die.

    My favorite Religion is Hinduism, with all its color and lore. Where you can be awakening with a Mantra caressing your eyelids in the morning, or if you are really in tune to a different beat of the drums, watch the Sun devour the Moon.

    I have one favorite saying and I enjoy saying it to everybody it is from the Upanishads,
    Forget the Scriptures and Wooooooo the Soul

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