Thoughts of the Past

It has been roughly 15 years since I put my foot or you could say my mind on the Path of the Clear Light.

A little known secret path of Tibetan Yoga not heard much in present day conversation. The path came available to me a few weeks after I realized I was in contact with my own Soul/Alma.

I was frightened dealing with the unknown, I had no experience dealing with modern day spirituality, even though through out my life I had bouts that could not be explained.

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  1. Profile photo of gesu893 gesu893 says:

    Those days I was quite scared what was happening to me. I had just broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years when she sent me a telepathic message. It was hard to understand what was happening. Being in contact with your own inner nature.

    I started searching for all kinds of information and pick up a book by WY Evans-Wentz , Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines.

    That night I had dream involving my x giving birth to new born baby, it troubled me all day in work.

    What was really unbelievable was when I started reading the book I came across the chapter The Path of the Clear Light which stated to start the on the path of the Clear Light you need to see the head of a new born babe. A scary way to start a journey of Spirituality.

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