Total Solar Eclipses

On August 21st, 2017 there will be a  total eclipse passing over the United States. What is interesting about it is that it will be passing over Casper Wyoming and the Sun and the Moon will come together about 11:10 for a total eclipse.

I was planning to be back in Wyoming this August to finish what I had started roughly 18 years ago. It was because I had just finish a short story “The Darkside of Detroit” and published it on smashwords as all my other books.

Except this particular story made me realize that I had un-finished work to complete and it also made me accept the fact that I am a much  stronger person than I was almost twenty years ago.

The Eclipse is like putting frosting on the cake, for I started too realize it was equivalent to the Sun devouring the Moon. A Hindu way of saying enlightenment.  And possible in the long run of finding myself but where else in the mountains of the Bighorn National Forest.



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