Kingsville, Texas

We were on our way back to Puerto Angel, our home in Mexico.  Our new/used truck threw a rod or spun a bearing, needless to say it does not run.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting, while we were in Atlanta.  Our family from DFE  took care of Casa Playa Maya  while we were gone.  Hurricane Earl gave them an idea what life is in paradise like.

Kingsville a relatively small town on the outskirts of the King Ranch known for  size and their breed of Santa Gertrudis cattle.

What I found about Kingsville, is that everybody drives within the speed limit.  Like being in a twilight zone, with people being polite and courteous. Even at the “Spice Station” a Indian Restaurant, gave us samples of their delicious  food.

Possibly living in an atmosphere of less people provides less stress and more comfort.

gesu on way back to the beach



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