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I was working in Chicago for a while, with my son, on some remodeling projects. He was in his early thirties and trying to find himself … so, I was helping him out. I enjoyed Chicago with all of its activities and especially with a different culture on every block. And now, I am on the road again heading back home, to Cleveland.

Let me fill you in … even though we had a three family house that we lived in, we also rented out one apartment and it was creating a problem. We lived in one of the poorer areas of the city, with drugs and crime prevalent without cause, only to exist in a society of entanglement. So I am going back to a time of indifference, questioning my life and my thoughts of life.

I should have been happy to get back in the comforts of my own place, and even though there were too many memories haunting my nights, I still called it home. After twenty five years of marriage and living in the house with my wife Charlotte, death had a strange way of imparting a dismal future for happiness.

After a few disappointing relationships I found myself in a mind game that very few people would accept, being deluged with unknown travels of the mind. It had been roughly two years since I met my nocturnal love, Kundalini, who slowly evolved into Aphrodite, placing me on the Path of the Clear Light. I do not know if it was a fantasy world that I had created for myself or if that it was the Kundalini Princess turned Kali, who is describe as wearing a necklace of 49 skulls filled with blood. Either way, it was making my life a spiritual nightmare, causing me to question all of my “make believe” reality.

The problem with the house in Cleveland, was the tenant that we were renting to, was behind a few months in rent. Just two months back, when I was in town, I had a run in with her and told her that it was time for her to leave. She did not care for the idea and she basically told me to go to hell and proceeded to inform me that I would have to take her to court, if I wanted her to move out.

Cleveland, with its dismal weather and my future, seemigly filled with confrontations, placed me in a area of less happiness than I cared for.

When I arrived at my home on Francis Ave. in Cleveland, there seem to be a problem with the lights on the staircase to my apartment. They were not working. Even though I had thought all of our utilities were separate, there appeared to be a problem with some other circuits in my place.

The house was over a hundred years old and things never seemed quite right. The previous owner was an old mortician and there were old stories of strange sightings. Even after my wife’s passing, my two boys saw their mother’s spirit occasionally in the dimly lit shadows of the back apartment.

I headed off to the basement, which had an outside entrance, and found some circuit breakers tripped, so I reset and energized the circuits. By the time I got back to the staircase to my place, I could smell the acrid odor of plastic burning and could see smoke trying to wiggle itself free from under the door of the first floor apartment.

I rushed upstairs to get a key to Connie’s apartment and flew back downstairs, only to find out that she had changed the locks and I could not get in. The only other access would be through the basement door and I headed off quickly to try that route. I had to kick the door open, only to find that there was a padlock on her side of the basement door entrance. I was even more surprise when I tried to open the bathroom door that was adjacent to the other door and there was another padlock securing that passage way, as well.

I knew that she was freaked out on occasion, claiming to hear and see things, and she also complained about “the noises”. She even mentioned that one time while her boyfriend was visiting, they saw some spirits frock-ling around in the living room.

In hindsight, I may have been a little indifferent to her pleas, but I just thought that the normal creaks & noices in an old house were fairly common & that her paranoia was simply being heightened by her use of drugs. After all, we had lived there for many years & were quite accustomed to it.

At any rate, I finally got into the apartment and facing me was a very large & very scared German Shepherd. Since our tenants were not allowed to have dogs or change the locks, I was a bit startled by it all. I suspect every thing changes, when you are frightened of your surroundings.

Fortunately, the only thing that was burning, was a telephone that was left in the oven of the electric stove. Still, a strange place to store a phone and apparently when I reset the breakers, the oven heating elements were turned on and set the phone on fire. Go figure.

As I looked around to the check the place out, it appeared that somebody had been extremely frightened. Everything that was movable was nailed down. The double hung windows, the heating registers and the closet doors even had padlocks on them. It was apparent that there was a problem here, what ever it was. I would have to question why everything that could be moved, had a nail or screw though it, but was it sufficient to prevent what ever was happening.

As I mentioned earlier, she had not paid any rent for several months & I was looking at some work that would need to be done, if I ever could get her out of my house. Fortunately, I had a job across the street, with the old school and church. I had been a committee member, an usher on Sundays and worked on maintenance & repairs for everyday occurrences that came about, for the past twenty years or more.

The immediate issue was that I did not know what to do with the dog, and after two days without Connie showing back up, I called the City Pound.

It was three days later when she finally returned. She came across the street, to where I was working at the old school building. She was looking for her dog. All she said was” I give up, you win”. She was in a state of mind that is hard to describe. With tears in her eyes and a voice that emanated the fear in her heart, I did not know where she was coming from. She was talking about rape, a gas mask and it became such a strange scenario, I told her she should go to the police.

I suspect that may have been a mistake, because four days later, two female Cleveland detectives showed up at my door, telling me that that Connie had filed sexual assault charges against me.

They explained that Connie believed that my son and I had hired some local teenagers to spray or fumigate the house. According to the story that Connie had told me, a van pulled up and a half dozen guys jump out, surrounding the house with equipment and started spraying the house with some kind chemical that causes you to pass out.

It appeared that I was being faced by a forty year old black female, who created what appeared to be story of pain and anguish. It is hard to say whether it was factual or a hallucination caused by crack or the relinquishment of fear from some unknown reason.

A week or two had past when the Cleveland Police called saying that there was not sufficient evidence to charge anybody, and they dropped all charges.

My problem was that this was not the first time that strange things were happening in my life. Ever since coming in contact with the Kundalini Princess my life changed considerably. I was questioning her abilities to help me out in problem areas … such as the removal of unwanted tenants … and was she protecting me in ways that were hard to recognize? My life was in turmoil and I was only wondering what my life would be in the future, especially if I am still dancing with Aphrodite and Kali in the background …tq

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