If Jesus Were Here Today, No one would listen to Him

by the Beach Philosopher

The Bible is very vague on the attributes of Jesus returning to Earth. We have to take in account, that the Bible was written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus, which gives less credibility to the Bible.
Let me give you a little insight about where I am coming from.
I am a seventy year old man that sits on the beach in Mexico, who drinks beer for breakfast, and has plenty of time to think of life.
I have seen pain and anguish and more than the imagination can form. From the time when my first love died at the young age of sixteen, to a year later, after I, myself, died. I was working under a car that fell off of the jack & on top of me, and had an after death experience. Twenty seven later, my first wife died of cancer.
In between the years, I have been closely related to my Inner Nature, my Soul. It sounds like a little B.S., does it not? Well, any ways, it opened my eyes up to a whole different world.
The problem with Jesus is, he is categorized as being the Savior of the World. No matter what you have done in the past or future, Jesus is going carry you into Heaven. Wake up world! When you are on your death bed, there is only you and all of the aspects of yourself. Jesus is only a model of perfection that follows us throughout our life. To emulated is not same as being. To ease the transition of death we have to actually become Jesus , not through wishes or promises of change, but Jesus like.
If Jesus were the son of God, what good would it have been? He still died on the cross. The son of God could do what ever he wanted, why would he want to die that way.
I have come to realize that the Soul will protect you in danger. Once in contact or Union with the Self there is an inherent energy that can overcome any obstacle. So being God does have some advantages, and you have to question why those advantages were not used?
If Jesus died on the cross for our sins, there are no more sins, so why would he come back? Everybody is saved, and the gates of Heaven are open.
Apparently sins belong in the mind frame of moral servitude, with societies fleeting mind frame of what is acceptable or not.
Speaking of the Devil … when was the last time that anybody has seen the Devil? I know for myself, I have met him [or it] a few times, and like to say that “I have danced with the Devil” but he does not like it, because I lead. Our inner mind likes to play games. WE can create anything we want, including the Devil.
I am like everybody else, I like to believe in what ever I put into my own mind. It does not matter what it is or how true it is, it is a belief and it becomes reality in my make believe world.
Jesus, in the truest sense, never judged anything. That particular statement would rectify the world. It is also the hardest one of the teachings of Jesus to accept, because the ramifications of judgment are belittling of the mind.
It is controversial and extremely difficult to remove judgment from our daily lives. We have accepted the fact that God judges everything we do. At least that is what our Religions profess, except the only Judge that we really have, is ourselves. We judge everything and compare everything and everybody to ourselves. We judge what is right and wrong and fail to see the Yin Yang in the moments of life.
We have been locked into the moral servitude of Religions without cause or comprehensive evidence of any true bearing statistics.
We are Humanity without a backbone, afraid to say what we want to say and never question the validity of beliefs instilled through the rhetoric of our own Religions.
If Jesus we here today, he would say a similar phrase as the Historical Buddha would have said, “forget everything you know and be like a new born babe” for “ Nature follows you into the grave”.
Nature is your own mind, so changing your way of thinking is essential.
There was a phrase I had heard a number of times “Death is Life” and the life we live is only a Game.
That is all I have to say today, and I going back to sit under the Palapa with my Tequila and look and listen to the Serene sounds of the Caribbean, and not worry whether Tequila is good or bad for me.

The Beach Philosopher, gesu

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