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Lately I spend a lot of time in what I call my front office. On a lounge chair drinking Tequila or a cold  beer or warm it does not matter anymore. Watching the waves as they dance against the beach with the … Continue reading

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We accept reality for what it is, what we see, what we do, what we feel, and what we touch. It is real if it is plant a human, an insect or any object that  we see and feel, for … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

Here is a frightening thought, it is only a Game. Do not put importance on it. Yes, you are in a giant Amusement Park with all kinds of various rides and fun houses. You were born into this world to … Continue reading

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Yoga has been around for a long time, with many schools of thought and many variations. Modern Yoga Philosophy puts union out of reach of individuals, because all training comes out of a book without any actual experience.  I suspect most people know … Continue reading

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When it comes to Chakras there is so much information written about the concept of raising the Kundalini Princess it would probably take a life time to decipher all the information. Even with those who had a Kundalini experience willing or not … Continue reading

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Religions ?

The older I get the colder I become towards Religions.  Even though I had 12 years of Catholic education, and after been married, I served 22 or more years of being on the committee of our neighborhood church. Including running the Bingo … Continue reading

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Thoughts of the Past

It has been roughly 15 years since I put my foot or you could say my mind on the Path of the Clear Light. A little known secret path of Tibetan Yoga not heard much in present day conversation. The path … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Sometimes I have a problem accepting everything that happens in the worlds, and I question why?

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