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It has been 17 years

It has been over sixteen years since I have crossed over this bridge. Searching for the remnants of a game that I had found within   my own mind. I was about to turn 74′ a age that doe’s not give … Continue reading

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If you are looking for God

Read the Post……..A New Look at Sinus Pain          A Darkened Mirror Is God Bored or Just Crazy

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A New Disturbing Look at Sinus Headaches

Headaches have been around ever since man has been writing about health. We have numerous possible causes that range from something you ate, something you caught or an issue that you had to “deal with”. Work gives you a headache, … Continue reading

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When it comes to Chakras there is so much information written about the concept of raising the Kundalini Princess it would probably take a life time to decipher all the information. Even with those who had a Kundalini experience willing or not … Continue reading

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