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It has been 17 years

It has been over sixteen years since I have crossed over this bridge. Searching for the remnants of a game that I had found within   my own mind. I was about to turn 74′ a age that doe’s not give … Continue reading

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House on Francis Avenue

    I was working in Chicago for a while, with my son, on some remodeling projects. He was in his early thirties and trying to find himself … so, I was helping him out. I enjoyed Chicago with all … Continue reading

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If you are looking for God

Read the Post……..A New Look at Sinus Pain          A Darkened Mirror Is God Bored or Just Crazy

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The Darkened Mirror

A lot people want something that gives them some indication that there is a God. The problem is a lot people say they need proof, but in reality are apprehensive with any ability to come in contact with the so called … Continue reading

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One Legend of Tibet

  One  Legend of Tibet As the years go by and the older we get, we have the advantage of hearing of many stories. Possibly, they could be called legends of the past, or just silent traditions that have been handed down from many years before. Many were not written into prosperity, but just vocalized by word of mouth. Savoring the unique flavor of the times, and with the greatest of ability to make them seem unbelievable. After twenty five years of marriage my wife past away.  I was in a terrible slump, and that I am putting my scenario mildly. I was at the bottom of the valley, and everything was crashing in on my fragile body. The Heavens were not kind to me, I was mesmerized by all the mental pain that could be inflicted on one individual, without due course, I gave in.  I did not give a damn if I died or not. Fortunately, as the days became more livable, I was able to meet other women. Even though they were not of my expectations, it became a consolation of my own mind and its needs. Sadness and its disparity create an image of necessity involving all that there is in one individual. What are we searching for and how do we replace it? Then one day I meet an individual, and she throws me into the fire. Four years later as if Hell was unbent. Not only am I back in the doldrums of the mind, I am realizing that I am involved with the Spirits from the darkness of my subconscious. Surrounded by every mental plague that would constitute insanity. I started to do some research, checking out the web and visiting the local book stores. I suspected I was in contact with my own Soul, a phenomena that is not usually discussed at the dinner table. How screwed up can I be? Was I that bent out shape that I was capable of having a conversation with myself. No, I was not talking to myself, I only recognized that when I had a thought, I also had a physical feeling.  A very definite cold vibration answering my original idea, strange and very bizarre. After visiting a popular book store, I eventually came across a book of Tibetan Secret Doctrines.  It was in the Philosophy area, in a section dealing with Chakras and Eastern Philosophy. After thumbing through a few pages, I thought it could maybe help me out. I was still confused about the possibility of being in contact with my own Self. One particular chapter dealt with a strange story that was commonly told from father to son to son over the years. A story so far removed from modern day life it would be difficult to put a time period on it. It was a time of innocence without regard to quality of life without comparison. The stage is set in the Himalayas before man has been said to set foot in the west. The locals talk of the Super Human Race, the Dream Walkers, who had the ability to be here and to be there. Physically incomparable to modern day man although appearing very similar in appearance. … Continue reading

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Is God Bored ?

If the whole concept of life is only a game, what is the goal? What is Gods role if there were a God, what ever term that can exhibit the All Creating Ones role. It is difficult to conceive any thoughts … Continue reading

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A New Disturbing Look at Sinus Headaches

Headaches have been around ever since man has been writing about health. We have numerous possible causes that range from something you ate, something you caught or an issue that you had to “deal with”. Work gives you a headache, … Continue reading

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I Am

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Lately I spend a lot of time in what I call my front office. On a lounge chair drinking Tequila or a cold  beer or warm it does not matter anymore. Watching the waves as they dance against the beach with the … Continue reading

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