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Life, what is it all about?  You live for quite a few years,  and what is the outcome?  You get up every day and work.  Do enjoy working, usually for someone else.  And for what, food, a place to rest, … Continue reading

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Find the Force, acquire the Force through “Backdoor Yoga” Free at Smashwords ~

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Total Solar Eclipses

On August 21st, 2017 there will be a  total eclipse passing over the United States. What is interesting about it is that it will be passing over Casper Wyoming and the Sun and the Moon will come together about 11:10 … Continue reading

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We are constantly searching for answers that we already know. Always inquiring, always asking, always in motion without motion. Lost in a field of make believe. Failing to hear the silent cries of our own self. We are lost in … Continue reading

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A New Year

The world is about change in a manner that very few will comprehend the maginitude of what way it will influence life it will never be the same again!

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The Beginning

    Waking up after a meaningless ordeal of trying to sleep with random thoughts bouncing in my mind prolonging the darkened night. Only brought a frightful image of despair to begin my day. My mind was still in a … Continue reading

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A New Disturbing Look at Sinus Headaches

Headaches have been around ever since man has been writing about health. We have numerous possible causes that range from something you ate or caught or had to deal with. Work gives you a headache, your children are a good … Continue reading

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One Legend of Tibet

As the years go by and the older we get, we have the advantage of hearing of many stories. Possibly, they could be called legends of the past, or just silent traditions that have been handed down from many years … Continue reading

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A New Look at Sinus Pain

[subscribe2] Headaches have been around ever since man has been writing about health. We have numerous possible causes that range from something you ate or caught or had to deal with. Work gives you a headache, your children are a good source of pain, your wife or spouse contribute quite a bit of any uncomfortable feelings that plagues you through the day. I had heard so often I have a head ache do not bother me tonight. There are many causes for Headaches, having any kind of illness such as a cold, flu, even the prescription drugs that you maybe taking for something else. The body has a way of telling you it is not happy, in a way that the headache may create more physical problems, nausea, a tired feeling, sore bones the list is endless. The headache I am referring to is the subtle pain in the forehead and between the eyes. Not some migraine or stuffy head pain from drinking too much. It referred to the Anja Center in Yoga. It is one of the Chakra points above the waist. Indicating that it is in relationship with your Higher Self. It is a pain that is so minimal that you may not even notice it because you had it so often. I have known people going to the Doctor every couple of weeks thinking it to be a Sinus infection. Even myself in the past being plagued by constant pressure in the Sinus Cavity, I was taking Aspirins constantly. The Medical Community does not look past any causes that maybe non physical. They are strictly totalitarian in respects in not allowing other causes to permeate any thought process to go beyond the field of Science. When it comes to finding a solution to the problem medical science has the ability to come up with a cure or some sort relief every fifteen minutes or so that it appears in the news. Dealing with Chakra points is kind of interesting and you can find all kinds of information on the web. Describing every one in detail, along with its energy field and central channel situated within your body. My experience is with the Anja Center located between the eyes, it had bother me for years. But not till I realized through some mystical and Spiritual experiences did I become aware of the real cause of pain in the area. The particular occasion was when I became Aware of the cause of the pain was years ago when I was starting to accept the fact that I was in contact with my Inner Nature. I was not into Spirituality at the time nor was I a practicing Catholic which I gave up after my first wife past away. It was like any other day a slight nuisance irritating annoying pain in Sinus area, but this time I did not take any medication. I only asked who is giving me this pain, is it my Subtle Mind, the God within? Within a second or two there was a sharp spike of pain in the area, … Continue reading

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The House on Francis Avenue

The House on Francis Avenue I was working in Chicago for a while, helping my son out with some remodeling projects. He was coming in age in his thirties and trying to find himself. So I was helping out, I enjoyed Chicago with all its activities and especially with a new culture on every block.    And now I am on the road again heading back home to Cleveland. Even though we had a three family house that we lived in, we also rented out one apartment and it was creating a problem. We lived in one of the poorer areas of the city, with drugs and crime prevalent without cause only to exist in a society of entanglement. So I am going back to a time of indifference, questioning my life and my thoughts of life. I should of been happy to get back in the comforts of my own place, even though there were too many memories haunting my nights I still called it home.  After twenty five years of marriage and living in the house with my wife Charlotte, death had a strange way of imparting a dismal future for happiness. After a few disappointing relationships I found myself in a mind game that very few people would accept being deluged with unknown travels of the mind. It has been roughly two years since I met my nocturnal love Kundalini who slowly evolved into Aphrodite’s placing me on the Path of the Clear Light. I do not if it were a fantasy world I had created for myself or that the Kundalini Princess turned Kali, who is describe as wearing  a necklace of 49 skulls filled with blood. Making my life into a spiritual nightmare, causing me to question all of my make believe reality. The problem with Cleveland was the tenant that we were renting to, she was behind a few months in rent. Two months back when I was in town, I had a run in with her telling her it was time for her to leave. She did not care for the idea, she basically told me to go to hell, and I would have to take her to court to make her move. Cleveland with its dismal weather and my future with confrontations placed me in a area of less happiness than I cared for. When I got to my place on Francis Ave. in Cleveland there seem to be a problem with the lights on the staircase to my apartment they were not working. Even though I had thought all our utilities were separate there appeared to be a problem with some other circuits in my place. The house was over a hundred years old and things never seemed right. The previous owner was an old mortician and there were old stories of strange sightings.  Even after … Continue reading

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