The Beach Philosopher

Richard was born and raised as a Catholic in Cleveland, Ohio, in an area
bordering the suburb of Garfield Heights. The year was 1943, in the midst
of World War II with the world in major turmoil. The Steam locomotives
were dying out and Diesel engines were taking over on the ground.
Meanwhile in the air, jet engines started a new trend in transportation.
As a teenager, he grew up in a time of change, wearing jeans and square
toed loafers and was labeled a Greaser. His thoughts of the future were to be
an Automotive Mechanic. His parents were Catholic in name only and did not
pressure him in any particular religious direction; this allowed him to see the
world without any preformed ideals.
After High School, he started working for the next door neighbor who
had a print shop, and with time, became a Graphic Arts Instructor in the
Cleveland School Systems Vocational sector.
In 1964, Richard married Charlotte, had two boys, twenty-five years later, Charlotte passed away from Breast Cancer.
Richards world collapsed with the death of his wife. Taking him in a direction
of mental awareness that is very difficult to see in everyday life.
In 2001 he met his missing link, beyond the spectrum of color and light,
Mandi aka Zen, opening the door to a new world of adventure. Coinciding
from the inner aspects and the remote parts of the mind, where very few people
His thoughts lean in the format of Eastern Philosophy and are in
tune and with depth that appear to separate him from the rest of the world,
but actually align with many present day beliefs.
Presently he lives off grid on the beach in Mahahual, QuintanaRoo, Mexico
away for hustle and bustle of modern day society, and  his office faces the
alluring serene sounds of the Caribbean Sea.[mypermalink val=”ipsum”]


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    Lately, it has become more clearer to the extent of how much the human mind can intimidate rationality. The concept of freedom is a fleeting choice of wills encouraged through tradition and manipulated by time. What sense is there when values persist in thought and action. Substituting logic without endeavor and foreseeing the darkness of escape. Freewill without connotation explode the concept that persist in the minds of the abused.

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    I find it interesting as with a Speakingtree comment questioned why individuals think they know all that there is and are always right. As is there were no other ways of looking at the problem. The problem is people are afraid ofthe unknown and try to avoid everything that they do not accept

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